Trust in us to protect your parties. Each script is Guaranteed against Facebook Jail at time of purchase. Also, we provide free content updates to increase the originality of the scripts. On top of that, we include extra variable content with each package to change up every party and keep things fresh.

If the script you bought is already in Facebook Jail on your first party, we will refund the purchase. You can contact us through our support ticket system or at support@gopartyscripts.com. This has never happened to us yet, but we still hold onto this guarantee for you.

If the script ends up at any point in Facebook Jail, then we update the content in the package to make it original again.

If any of our scripts end up being banned, we first remove the package from our marketplace. We then update the content, update those who purchased with the new content for free, and re-release onto our marketplace.

Please allow up to 30 Days for us to create and test the new content.