What is the Text-In Feature?

Want to bring your script game to a whole 'nother level?

Our Text-In Feature comes exclusively in some of our premium scripts - and is run exclusive only through us. The Text-In Feature increases user engagement and adds extra flair that keeps parties interesting.

The Text-In feature is an automatic texting platform. A party attendee texts in a word to our platform and in return, gets a secret code word sent back. This is done all automatically and free of charge for every Exclusive Go Party Pro script. Hands Free!

We use this feature for a variety of games and posts. But our favorite example is the pre-party passcode. We ask our attendees prior to the party to text in their word and to submit the secret code word in exchange for extra submissions to a product giveaway (or as an early-bird prize).

We have found that this feature increases party attendee engagement and enjoyment. It adds that extra bit of "something-something" that NO other party planner has.

We also provide a list of possible variations on the code word. This is so that when running the party again with similar people, you can provide a different secret code and keep things fresh!

Your party attendee's reaction when they use the Text-In feature. Mind. Blown.